Thursday, April 05, 2007

Hormones, the environment and your sex drive

One of the most worrying trends of our modern society is the decreasing threshold age for andropause. Andropause is the male equivalent of the female menopause that usually affects men between the ages of 40 and 55. However, this is not how it was supposed to be. A mere hundred years ago andropause did not start until the early 50s, but the industrialized society that we live in has turned andropause into a man triggered condition. The sharp drop in the amounts of testosterone produced by the body, which is the mark of andropause, is no longer a natural process, but can be brought about in the early 40s by the constant presence of a wide range of chemicals. These chemicals act as synthetic estrogen in the male body and induce certain changes at the physical and psychological levels.

The symptoms that accompany andropause include urination and prostate problems, mood swings and depression, impotence, low sex drive and low sperm count, weight gain, low blood sugar or diabetes, dry skin, bone loss, fatigue, anxiety, low absorption of Zinc, increased chance of heart attacks and water retention. The presence of xenoestrogens, which means estrogen that is not produced within the body, is disrupting the natural hormonal balance and leads to the early onset of andropause. These foreign hormones are the result of our constant exposure to various products of the modern society. A brief list of xenoestrogen sources would include:

  • Pesticides

  • Herbicides

  • Plastic wrappings

  • Plastic drinking bottles

  • Meat from animals raised on hormone-rich food

  • Detergents

  • Pollution

Doctor Allan Lieberman, from the Center for Occupational & Environmental Medicine, stated a couple of years ago that the accumulation of xenoestrogens in the body starts in infancy and is compounded by modern life. “The combined use of pesticides in growing the food and soft plastics in transporting and packaging the food raises our exposure to endocrine disrupters”, says doctor Lieberman. There are several things anybody can do to limit the severity of hormonal imbalance and its symptoms. These steps are: diet changes, lifestyle changes, exercise and a positive attitude on life. Changing the diet doesn’t necessarily equal dieting, although you may want to lose some weight and stay in shape. Smoking, drinking or drugs consumption are likely to worsen the andropause symptoms and should be avoided.

One possible answer to the lack of zinc and the falling sex drive is VolumePills. These pills are an excellent source of zinc and can increase libido and sperm count. One of the effects of exposure to xenoestrogen is the impairing of zinc absorption by the body. Zinc is vital to the healthy functioning of the prostate, testicles, immune system, wound healing and is part of some 300 enzymes. If you feel you are no longer eager for sex as you once were, or if the doctor told you that your sperm count is lower than normal, then you should try VolumePills. A combination of getting rid of unhealthy lifestyle choices, exercising and VolumePills should be enough to bring back the need for sex and all the pleasure that comes with sexual satisfaction.

Friday, January 12, 2007

The ‘Free Penis Enlargement Exercise’ Approach

The penis enlargement market is one of the fastest expanding markets today as more and more men find that there is a simple and effective solution to their problems. Whether we’re talking about exercises, traction devices, pills, pumps, weights or patches, the range of solutions is nothing short of amazing. Regardless of personal preferences, anybody can find anything.

However, many men are not willing to spend their money on what they still think of as untested and unproven products, even though they think such products might come in very handy. Trapped between their need and their sense of caution, they have to make a decision with very little information available.

This is why Lativio LLP has decided to lend a hand to all those who are interested in penis enlargement, but are not sure they want to commit themselves by providing access to free penis exercises. The free exercises are designed to give the user a taste of what’s in store for him and of the effectiveness of this approach to male enhancement.

Men who are new to penis enlargement are encouraged to perform these free exercises as their first step to a longer and heftier penis. The exercises feature both text descriptions of the actions involved and video clips whose purpose is to make the user understand exactly how each individual exercise should be performed in order to avoid any possible injuries and to maximize the positive effects.

The key to seeing your first gains with exercises is in variation. The tissues get used to exercises performed time and again and stop expanding as they should, which is why the committed penis enlargement user must change routines once in a while and replace some exercises with new ones. Progressing from basic exercises and routines to advanced and expert levels takes time and dedication.

The basic routine can take you some way towards your goal, but it must be allowed to progress to higher levels of complexity that can force tissues to expand in the right manner and to the desired size. Always remember that successful penis enlargement is a bit like bodybuilding: nothing happens over night.

Penis enlargement is not a quick fix because nothing that we know of can make tissues grow faster than their natural expansion-healing cycle allows it. It takes time and it takes dedication to go the distance and see the full gains. Nevertheless, in the long run you’ll see that the benefits of penis enlargement and fitness exercises are well worth both your money and your effort.

Penis enlargement on the road

Driving or flying, by train or by bus, many of us are moving about the country on a regular basis because our jobs or family lives require us to cover long distances. Some find this tiring and would rather settle down. Others like the fact that they get to see a lot of new places and think that living in hotels and being constantly on the move is an acceptable tradeoff. However, there are certain things that take time and privacy to do and these two requirements are not easy to come by in a lifestyle that keeps one constantly busy.

Penis enlargement is one of the little things that is hard to stick to on the road. Finding the time and privacy to strap on a traction device and wear it for a couple of hours is not easy when you have to catch a flight or a bus in a couple of hours. Moreover, wearing a traction device in a hotel may be a bit awkward since you have to make sure that the room service staff does not notice. Nobody wants to become the talk of the hotel staff and especially not over a penis enlargement device.

However, intrepid and dedicated penis enlargement fans know that it only takes a bit of determination and skill to do penis enlargement 365 days a year. It’s all in choosing the right method for the right location and the right occasion. With a bit of effort, you can wear the SizeGenetics™ device for extended periods of time underneath a loose fitting pair of trousers or a house robe. The device is not very big and can be easily hidden by clothing. Wearing a loose shirt or T-shirt can also cover the pubic area and help conceal the traction device.

If, however, there is absolutely no way of wearing the SizeGenetics™ device without it being detected or if there is not enough time for a proper enlargement session, you can always use penis enlargement exercises instead of the traction device. Exercises take only 25 to 30 minutes per day and can be performed in the bathroom, away from indiscreet eyes. Simply log onto the Internet and select the exercises that make up your daily routine. If the hotels you’re staying at have no Internet connection, then you should bring along the extremely handy PenisHealth™ DVD. The DVD has everything the website has plus the excellent benefit of being accessible anywhere, anytime.

The best thing about using SizeGenetics™ and/or the PenisHealth™ program on the road is the fact that you can maximize gains and speed up the enlargement process by not interrupting it for even a day, outside those scheduled for rest. It is this determination to stick to the program even in less than optimum conditions that will help you achieve your gains faster than usual. Putting training off because the time or the place is not right will delay results and increase the chance of becoming depressed over the pace of enlargement. But this can be easily avoided with a bit of determination to take advantage of any chance that comes your way.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Treatments of Peyronie’s – The Nesbit Procedure

The Nesbit Procedure is a surgical procedure designed to correct severe bending of the penis. It is the most widely used method for straightening congenital curvature of the penis, especially cases featuring moderate bending of the penis, because it is less likely to cause erectile dysfunction than tissue grafting. However, the procedure causes a shortening of the penis in all patients and results in permanent sensory loss or erectile dysfunction in less than 2 percent of cases. On the other hand, more than 90 percent of patients, both those suffering from Peyronie’s and those with congenital bending, are happy with the results.

The procedure itself is quite simple. The penis is filled with a sterile physiologic salt solution in order to cause an artificial erection. The surgeon gathers with a clamp the outer side of the bend, which forces the Tunica Albuginea to straighten the penis. The direct consequence of this procedure is a slight shortening of the surface of the penis. The suture points may ooze for a day or two after the operation, but this is to be expected. The patient should avoid sex until the wound is healed and no more pain is experienced.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Peyronie's Disease - The History

Peyronie’s disease is probably a very old condition, one that’s been around for centuries if not since mankind’s first days on this planet. Like erectile dysfunction and other intimate problems, the condition has not been openly discussed for a long time, as men tried to hide it from the world and from themselves. In the ages when people frowned upon intimate diseases and there was little understanding of illnesses and their causes, it’s easy to guess why nobody wanted to bring up this topic. The natural fear of impotence or sexually transmitted diseases was bad enough in those times.

The first clinical reports on this condition were made more than 250 years ago by Francois Gigot de la Peyronie, the man whose name is still linked to the condition, although the first to mention it was Cesare Aranzi in 1587. De la Peyronie was a brilliant surgeon and one of the founders of the Royal Academy of Surgery in France. His work on the penile curvature was the first and, for a long while, the only step toward the modern attempts to cure it. Unfortunately, today we are no closer to a comprehensive definition of the causes of Peyronie’s disease than Peyronie himself was in 1743.

Most doctors agree with the assumption (as yet unproven) that Peyronie’s disease is caused by microvascular trauma during intercourse. Unfortunately, since the tunica albuginea (the layer of the penis where the condition develops) is not rich in blood vessels, the healing process does not always follow the normal course. Multiple instances of intercourse trauma and poor healing lead to the formation of a plaque, which is made of fibrin, a protein that helps blood clot. This plaque prevents the normal expansion of the penis tissues during erection, thus causing the characteristic bend.

It is also believed that the diseases develops only in men who are genetically predisposed to the accumulation of fibrin within the tunica albuginea and the expansion of plaque to healthy tissue along the dorsal and ventral midline of the shaft. However, one must keep in mind that this attempt at etiology is still speculation at this moment. Unfortunately, Peyronie’s disease is considered a rare diseases and non-life-threatening, which means that only a handful of professionals are actually interested in uncovering the causes and finding a cure.

Penis Size and Sexual Performance

Judging by the rapid growth of the penis enlargement market, a lot of men are not happy with their current size. I’m not sure whether the problems they face in their sex lives come from penis size, low confidence or some other cause, but it’s clear that a bigger penis is one of the ways to achieve success in bed. A bigger penis does matter when asking a lady out and once you’ve got her in bed any other problems should be forgotten for the moment.

You probably don’t need me to tell you about the benefits of having a bigger penis when it comes to sex. It’s absolutely fantastic to never have to worry about sex and simply take it whenever and wherever it happens. This is the feeling you get when you no longer have to think what the lady might say when she discovers that you are not particularly well-endowed. This is also the feeling you get when you see a content smile on your lady’s face and you know you’ve done a good thing. A bigger penis may not be exactly the answer to all prayers, but it can be a very good advantage when used correctly.

And let’s not forget the psychological benefits of having a bigger penis dangling in your pants. Who’s got time to be shy around women when they’re ogling that bulging crotch? Nothing comes close to that feeling of confidence (or even swagger) that’s plain to see in the face of any man who’s absolutely sure of his ability to charm women. Regardless of how many bad experiences one may have had in the past, a bigger penis is bound to make you feel as if you could take on anything and then some. Women like that kind of attitude in a man, as long as it doesn’t turn to arrogance.

One of the big questions that men would love to know the final answer to is, naturally: “Do women prefer a bigger penis or not?” The answer varies from woman to woman, but all men should know that many women tend to like bigger penises. Although penis size cannot make up for a lack of skill, it’s still better to be larger than average than the other way around. Some women like longer penises, while others prefer a good girth. However, you cannot go wrong with a bigger penis. And if by some really bad luck one lady doesn’t appreciate your being bigger, that’s no apt to be a problem. You can always move on.

A bigger penis brings many important advantages to its owner. It’s very important to be able to enjoy sex without having to worry about anything. Sex should be a positive thing in your life, not a constant source of anxiety and depression and there’s no need to turn into a recluse just because you are afraid you can’t handle a night of passion. Life is for living, not for hiding in a room, away from the world.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Top Rated Pills for Enlarging Penis

Best Result - Penis Pills

You have surely heard of penis enlargement pills... They are on the radio and the TV all the time and they are becoming more and more popular. Every day a new penis enlargement "wonder pill" pops up. The question I asked when they first came onto the market was, do these pills really work?

The answer is YES and NO. Some of the penis enlargement pills on the market are of extremely high quality and some are even developed in FDA approved laboratories. These types of pills really do work and you can see dramatic and amazing gains. I always recommend combining the penis enlargement pills with a good natural exercise program as that is what eventually worked for me (read my enlargement story here).

Below I will recommend the best penis enlargement pills that are currently on the market. I have personally tested all of these and I have got this sites readers to give their testimonials for the pills as well. The no1 choice is the pill that finally set me on my way to my 2.5 inch penis length gain and my 2 inches of girth. Massive gains that my girlfriend loves. The pills have been rated

• Performance - permanent penis enlargement gains.
• Speed - how quick was the results?
• Support - did they offer support for the pills.
• Bonuses - any additional extras with purchase.
• Claims - do they offer a guarantee? etc
• Safety - are the ingredients safe?

Everything you need to know about natural penis enlargement pills can be found here, we do NOT recommend any penis pills which have ingredients such as "Yohimbe" which is not recommended by the FDA. Many people wonder whether they should take the step to enlarge their penis. What I say to these people is - "Can you imagine the look on your partners face when you pull down your pants to reveal a larger more muscular penis, imagine the difference up to 3 inches could make!"

The Best Penis Enlargement Pill

#1 ProSolution Capsules

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Your Best Penis Enlargement Option - Sizegenetics

If you had a chance to feel better about yourself, would you grab it? If you had an opportunity to make your sexual partner happier with your sex life, would you take hold of it?

If you do, then all you need is to undergo the most powerful penis enlargement system ever designed -- SizeGenetics. SizeGenetics is certainly a great way of boosting your ego and making your partner beg for more.

This program ensures smashing success in your sex life because it rolls two effective ways of penis enlargement into one. It incorporates the following: a penis enhancement device and automatic membership to With the combined power of two ways of enhancing your penis size and improving your performance in bed with SizeGenetics, you get non-stop pleasure in sex.

SizeGenetics primarily serves its purpose through the penis enhancement device. This piece of equipment is effective in enlarging cocks by putting in the penile tissues to pressure. In the process of stretching, cells in the penile area divide. They grow and become sturdier. In effect, a larger looking penis in terms of both length and girth is developed.

What is more is that it gives you access to This website promotes effective penis enlargement exercises. It educates you with activities that keep your penis fit. Using the penis enlargement device and the information offered by the comprehensive database at, you will never go wrong. Satisfaction and sexual fulfilment is guaranteed here.

There is no doubt that SizeGenetics is the best pick in store nowadays. We are not saying that others are not effective. However, we have combined two of the most effective means of penis enhancement, and this makes us simply the best. We guarantee high quality at a very low price. Why settle for something less when there is SizeGenetics? You deserve to enjoy nothing else but the unsurpassed quality of this powerful program.

New Penis Enlargement Method

Is SizeGenetics a Safe Penis Enlargement Method?

One fact about a human person is that genetics are the ones that decide his or her height, eye color, hair color, facial features, etc. For men, it is also their genetics that decide the size of their penises.

For those men who were well-endowed since birth, they are lucky that they have been given the gift. Those people who have small penises are the ones that are usually mocked, insulted, and laughed at in school, even if it was not their fault. As a result, these men lose their self-confidence and in worst cases, sink into depression.

One reason for the psychological effect of penis size is that men usually consider their penises as the basis of their masculinity. For them, a big penis usually means more manly than other people.

Two things should be considered when you decide your penis size: the length and the girth. The length is how long your penis will extend during erection, while the girth pertains to the thickness of your penis when you become sexually aroused.

There are only a few people who are gifted on both length and girth. However, men should not worry any longer. Because of the advancement of men's knowledge and technology, they have devised the latest invention that will stand out among other penis enlargement products. The SizeGenetics is the latest addition to the penis problems which uses devices, and exercises to give you the penis size you have dreamed of for so long.

At an affordable price, you get a penis traction device that can double your length and girth for only a short amount of time. This idea rooted from the device of orthopedics that could lengthen the arms and the legs without doing any damage to the body parts. This process has been done by people in the past, which just shows its effectiveness when used.

The extension device is easy to use, and you no longer need a doctor's help to learn how to use it. Simply wear it up to eight hours a day. You do not need to worry about damaging your penis, since it applies pressure that is enough to lengthen your thing. It can even correct penises with crooked erections.

You also get access to a database filled with exercises. These are meant to add their enlargement effect to that of the traction device. All you need to do is to perform 20 to 30 minutes of exercises a couple of days per week in order to help your penis grow in length and girth. The exercises come with detailed text and video explanations.

Some more positive effects of SizeGenetics are longer and thicker penises, more production of your cells, and a safer erection and orgasm.

With SizeGenetics, you are assured to have the results you want without any side effects on your body. It only uses exercises and devices that have been tried and tested by men for years.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Insecurities Associated with a Small Penis

Of course one can argue that there are worse things that can happen to man than having a small penis. Examples of these things might include being over weight, being short instead of tall or perhaps even a receding hairline and bad teeth. But I can assure you from my own personal experience that none of those things come even close to destroying..

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